Why Is Mercedes-Benz Rated Superior to Lexus Model?

Shopping for an automobile car can be a really tricky decision. It is needed to weigh your options when it comes to comparing the top brands in the market, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Both of these brands have a reputation to produce superior quality luxury cars that match exemplary performance, and elegance with a mesmerizing interiors. To arrive at the right decision, it is required to understand the difference between both these models.


This is one of the excellent features of Mercedes Benz that makes it superior to any other luxury car brand. Though there is no dearth of technology in both the brands, but exemplary technology features offered by Mercedes Benz keeps you entertained throughout your ride.

These are nationwide radio and the highest quality surround sound systems. There are several tasks like running diagnostic tests, starting the car, locking the door etc. that you can easily do from your smartphone.


Mercedes Benz models come with a high-performance engine that is built to make your heart race. Though Lexus SUV cars also come with impressive performance features, Mercedes-Benz outshines them all again. With Mercedes Benz, you can get whooping power of 449 horsepower along with 516 lb ft of torque.

This is too high as compared to 386 horsepower and only 367 lb ft of torque provided by Lexus engines. Mercedes Benz also wins in the area of fuel economy which makes it a cheapest reliable vehicle to offer luxurious riding experience to its users.


Mercedes-Benz has been earning five-star safety ratings since several years. In addition to this, this brand has won several awards for providing unmatched security and safety experience to its users.

This is done by providing state of the art groundbreaking innovation and technology features that include Attention Assist feature. Mercedes Benz was the first company to have introduced this feature. It was designed to caution drivers when they start experiencing drowsiness or fatigue while driving on the road.


The classy interiors of Mercedes Benz vehicle, provide comfort, elegance, richness and lavishness to its users. They have got a wide range of interior color options that go well with interior trim and leather options. Lexus also offers some choices, but they are not abundant.


The above-mentioned list of comparison would surely give you an idea of what can be expected from these options. Mercedes Benz is a clear winner from aesthetic and functional aspects. Mercedes-Benz still stays on the top due to its outstanding reliability and a drive to make each model better again and again.

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