3 Things That Your Local Garage Will Look For When Your Vehicle Is Due Its MOT.

After paying for your car insurance and your road tax, there is still one other thing that you need to have if your car is over three years old in the United Kingdom. It is called the MOT test and it is an essential part of being on the road here. It makes sure that your car is in fact road worthy and it provides protection for both you and the other road users that will be around you every day. You can’t renew your road tax if you don’t have it, so it is up to you to get your vehicle into your local garage and MOT centre.

If you currently require a vehicle MOT check in Bristol, then there are a number of reputable local garages that can provide the service for you. They know exactly what to look out for to ensure that your car passes the test.

  1. They will check your brake pads, shoes and brake lines for rust and corrosion as the brakes are one of the most important things on a car. You need to be able to stop quickly to avoid accidents and keep yourself safe.
  1. Tyres are another important aspect and your tyre has to have a certain depth of thread to pass the test. The side walls of the tyre must not show any wear that might lead to a blow out and the resulting accident that comes from that.
  1. Exhaust and engine emissions are measured to make sure that they do not contravene current environmental laws and your local mechanic will change the oil, filters and make sure that the engine is tuned well. 

You can trust your local garage to get your car ready for it’s MOT. Give them a call and get it booked in today.

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